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I don't care if you're on fire and they're offering you water... NEVER take one of these work from home jobs.

As a job screener for. I think I’ve seen more scams than the FTC. Those scammers are always trying to get past our screening process to get to our members… people like me who are serious about wanting to work from home and DON’T want be scammed.

So I hope you’ll trust me when I tell you I know what I’m talking about. I'm immensely qualified to talk to you about the various types of work from home scams out there; I deal with them every single day and screen thousands of them every year.

Here are some of my battle secrets.

If you’re the do-it-yourselfer type and prefer to find your own work from home job on the internet instead of using a service that screens them for you first, great! It can be done. But please take a couple of minutes to read this article first and take my advice:

Never, ever take one ofthese work from home jobs.l
Idon’t care if you need chocolate really bad and they offer you a Hershey bar. I don’t care how bad you want to stay home with your baby. Don't EVER take one of these work from home jobs! You can work from home legitimately and safely. These jobs are only going to land you in troubl.
“Data Entry Job”. Data entry.
Data entry is the only type of job in this article that gets an asterisk. The reason is because you CAN accept a data entry work from home job under two conditions: 1) it is costing you absolutely nothing to start, and 2) they’re NOT promising you $300-$500 per week. REAL Data Entry Jobs pay about $10 an hour and don’t cost a single penny to start. Newsflash: They may require that you actually know how to TYPE to do that type of work. (Knowing how to text message your boyfriend doesn’t count.) has scam-free data entry jobs posted at its site for members and they’re absolutely free, but of course, you need to be qualified.
Order Processor Job
“Order Processor”. Also known as the dreaded “Email Processor” job. Jeepers, I could go on and on about this “job”. This is just the electronic version of the old envelope stuffing scam. For this “job” you first pay $20-$70 for the fee du jour. After you pay the fee, you will be disappointed when all you receive are instructions to go out on the internet and work your fanny off promising unsuspecting moms and shut-ins that they can get rich working from home making hundreds of dollars every week just processing orders, like you once believed. Like the envelope stuffing scam, you only get paid only if/when someone else forks over money, like you did, to enroll in this “job”. Your “job” is to advertise the same scam and collect a fee if/when someone falls for it like you did. There is no such thing as a legitimate “order processor” job from home, at least in my experience, which is extensive.
Envelope Stuffing Job.
Even with the internet, sadly, the envelope stuffing jobs are still out there and it seems that people are still falling for them. Like the Order Processing scam, unsuspecting victims pay anywhere from $20-$70 for a registration fee or enrollment package or membership, call it whatever you like. After you pay the fee, all you receive, if you receive anything, are instructions for repeating the same scam that you just fell for. Once a victim responds to your advertising and pays the fee like you did, you will (hopefully) get paid. They promise you can earn $5-$7 per envelope stuffed and of course, they make it sound really, really genuine. Sometimes even I’m amazed at how deceptive and convincing these ads are. If it weren’t so sad this would be the funny part: The claim of $5-$7 per envelope is based on the commission they pay you (if they pay you) when you STUFF the ORDER into the ENVELOPE and mail it to the head scammer. There ARE legitimate envelope stuffing jobs out there but they won’t cost you a single penny to start. There's a special report for members at called “How to Stuff Envelopes at Home Without Getting Ripped Off”. It will tell you exactly how to find that type of work if that’s what you’re interested in. (Newsflash: It pays alot less than $5-$7 an envelope.)
Ad Typist Job.
Another job title used to promote the envelope stuffing scam and the electronic version of it is the "ad typist" job. This job claims they will pay you considerable money to simply type ads. After you pay the registration fee you will be given instructions for advertising the same scam you just fell for, getting paid if and when someone else falls for it like you did and pays the registration fee.
Paid Surveys. Survey Jobs.
“Earn up to $150 for every survey you do at home”.
Paid Surveys. Why are the rest of us dumb enough to actually have real jobs (even if we do work from home), when all we really have to do to make almost $500 a day is simply give our opinions in a survey, three times? Let’s return to reality: These jobs almost never pay what they claim to pay. Many survey enthusiasts report that what you’ll really get are invitations to spend money, surprise charges on your credit card, tons of junk mail and spam, and surveys that pay nothing and may at best enroll you in a contest. At worst, they’ll steal your identity. Your real survey job will be cancelling all the stuff you had to sign up for in order to complete the survey. Never, ever pay money to have a paid survey job and do not give these websites your social security number until you have already earned $599 legitimately. (Why $599? After you’ve earned $600 or more the company really does require your social security or tax ID number to issue a 1099 Form to comply with IRS regulations.) Most companies aren’t going to pay you as much as $150 to find out whether you prefer the dehydrated, artificially colored strawberries in your cereal, or the dehydrated, artificially colored blueberries. There ARE many REAL survey and mystery shopping opportunities out there, I've approved many in the course of my work. There are also service shopper jobs and quality assurance jobs in which you can complete surveys as part of your job and get paid. Especially if you're finding these types of opportunities yourself on the internet, please do not to give your real address, don't give out your social or exact date of birth, and strongly consider getting a temporary email address just for your survey adventure
Job from home accepting payments.
LISTEN TO ME: Never accept a job from home accepting payments! It doesn’t matter what the job title is. NEVER accept a job that requires you to accept payments, take a cut and then forward payment to someone else. Also, never accept a job that requires you to accept shipments of any kind and then also forward them. In all of my experience, and believe me it is a lot of experience, I have never seen a REAL work at home job that requires people to accept shipments and forward them, and I’ve never seen a REAL employer that wants a complete stranger working from home five states away to receive money for them. At the very best, if you fall for this work at home job you will lose money when the original payment that you receive bounces or you find it was fake. At the worst you may go to prison for money laundering, fraud, or even get caught up in an international crime ring.
One lady in Pennsylvania that wanted to work at home landed in jail when she took one of these so-called work from home jobs that I'm warning you not to take.
Unfortunately, the jobs I’ve listed can be found all over the internet in a monstrous kind of way. They’re EVERYWHERE!! The little sites, the big ones… the sleezy ones the ones that seem honest. It is a source of pride for me to be able to say that is one of the few places where you can shop for a REAL work from home job safely from the comfort of your own home, due, at least in part, to my hard work. (I’m a mom, too, and I've been there.)
So please, please, please follow my advice:
1 .NEVER pay a fee for a data entry job
2.NEVER pay a fee for an envelope stuffing job
3.NEVER pay a fee for a “survey” job and don’t
give out key aspects of your identity to such
4.NEVER ever take a job that requires you to
receive and then forward either payments and/or
shipments of ANY kind. Never!
5.NEVER take an “Order Processor” or “Email
Processor” or Ad Typist job.
As I keep trying to guard the world from work at home scams with my babies at my feet, please promise me that you’ll take these valuable tips to heart so you don’t become a victim. Please don't let me hear someday that even after I took the time to write and post this article, you still got scammed.
Here's to working from home, safely.

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