The Downside of Searching Craig's List for Work at Home Jobs

In my opinion, there are two downsides to Craig's List. First, you can't conduct a single search that looks at all states and metro areas at once. If you're looking for a 100% work at home arrangement, you probably don't need to restrict yourself to your local area when conducting a Craig's List search for a telecommuting position. For 100% telecommuting, you'll probably have better luck searching the biggest job areas - New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, etc. - or at least those areas of the country that are most receptive to letting you work at home (I'd add San Francisco, LA and Washington DC to that list) - regardless of where you live now. This can get time consuming, so I recommend you pick several areas one day and then several more the next, and so on. You could even set up a schedule to list the areas you'll check each day or each week.
The second downside is that although Craig's List provides visitors with the ability to report scams, scam operators can and often do post here as well, so you still need to remain vigilant for phony and sometimes even illegal job offers. But I think nowadays you have to do that no matter where you look for work from home jobs or which website you visit. After all, even though I post that I believe are perfectly legitimate, I've been fooled at times, too.
On the plus side, Craig's List fosters a strong community among its users and if someone uncovers a scam artist, Craig's List makes reporting the culprit fairly easy. That's why when you click on some of the links to work at home jobs on Craig's List, you'll see a message that the posting was removed.
Keep visiting my site and continue to use the links I provide on the site for additional work from home jobs search tools as well. Again, since anyone can post and get away with it for at least awhile, you need to remain vigilant for con artists. Unfortunately, they are everywhere.
Do your best to keep a positive attitude and don't give up. When you finally find a legitimate work from home opportunity you'll want to project a positive, can-do attitude to improve your chances of nailing it down.

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