The High Tech Work from Home Advantages

The advantage of having a background in high tech is that in most cases, your work can be done from remote locations. You already have an extreme comfort level using computers, which is a requirement of almost any work from home job these days. You also have an appreciation for the importance of network security. You may also already have advanced hardware and software needed to do your work from home. Additionally, your skills are in demand, so employers want to keep you happy. Finally, your pay is usually good enough that even if you have to take a cut for the ability to work from home, you can still survive quite nicely. I know these are generalizations, but having come from a high tech staff employed position I can see that this is true.
There are a number of job search sites that specialize in high tech positions - like Dice and ComputerJobs that I mentioned previously. Just search on "telecommute" or "work from home". Unfortunately, you'll also see results from a Dice search that say something like "NO TELECOMMUTE" or "Telecommute is not an option", when you search using "telecommute". But that happens with just about every site you search.

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